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Stuff By Text is a whole new way to get products in a fun, personalized and convenient way. Sign up in minutes to receive periodic texts with products that you need...or maybe just want. Complete purchases just by texting us back! Our behind-the-scenes wizardry matches our vendors’ products to your interests and preferences.

how it works


Sign up in just a few minutes! All we need is your phone number, a few basic details including your shipping address, and a credit card (optional at this time).

Tell us about your interests and select your preferences. Choose from several categories and get as simple or as detailed as you like. Tell us when we should and should not send you texts. Pick your favorite customer care representative to communicate with.


Sit back, relax and enjoy! You’ll get text messages from us with products we think you’ll like. To order, just respond to the text with the quantity that you would like to buy. We’ll text you back your tracking number once your products are shipped.

curated products straight to your phone

the more you text, the more we learn about what you like (but not in a creepy way, we promise)

shopping as easy as sending a text

pick from our lovable bots and customize their text frequency